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Puerto Pirámides Whale Watching

The opportunity of living an unforgettable experience: Watching whales in their natural habitat.

From may through December group along the coast of the Golfo Nuevo where its peaceful and protected waters offer perfect conditions for the whales to mate, give birth and raise their newborn calves.

We believe that the protection and conservation of these cetaceans is of the utmost importance. Here we offer the opportunity of living an unforgettable experience: Watching whales in their natural habitat. At Punta Ballena, in Puerto Piramides, we will be waiting for you to set sail on board one of our boats. While navigating you will have time to safely enjoy the silent beauty of this unique maritime landscape in comfort due the modern and certified operational and security strategies we apply. A bilingual whale guide will accompany your tour, providing information about the surrounding habitat and characteristics of this enormous sea dweller.

High Season (1/9 al 31/12)

Adults: $1750 - Children under 12 years: $850 - Children under 12 years: Sin Cargo
Reservations: +54 [280] 4495112

Low Season (1/6 al 31/8)

Adultos: $1400 - Children under 12 years: $700 - Children under 3 years: Sin Cargo
Reservations: +54 [280] 4495112

Whale Watching

Before boarding, you will be provided with a waterproof rain poncho and life vest. Once on board we will enter into the waters of the Golfo Nuevo in search of the Southern Right Whale.

While searching for whales, a specialized guide will provide you with information about the characteristics and behavioral habits of this marine colossus.

Your time on board will be spent enjoying the appearance of the whales, their graceful movements, the air towering up and out from their powerful lungs, and if lucky, their flukes and breaching behavior. A natural and seemingly improvised show offering a feel for the whale’s life at sea.

The Southern Right Whale

Although these cetaceans make their presence in the Golfo Nuevo from June through December, the largest number of them can be observed in October and November.

The calm and protected waters of the Golfo San Jose and Golfo Nuevo are ideal for the whales reproductive behavior, to mate, give birth and prepare their calves for the journey south to their southern feeding grounds. The gestation period is 12 months and approximately the same time nursing and weening their calves. At birth a calf of this species can reach up to more than 5mt in length.

Despite the strong link between a mother and her calf, these whales do not live in stable family groups. During the mating season, many males will participate, compete and collaborate for mating the same female.

This kind of whales was named Right Whale after its tameness and slowness, which "frankly" made it the right whale to hunt and kill.

It is believed that there were hundreds of thousands of these whales in the 17th century, however there numbers were reduced dramatically to approximately 2000 individuals due to unrestricted hunting. Fortunately, due to very strict conservation and protection, their population is calculated at between 13,000-15,000 individuals and with an annual growth rate of 7%.

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